Rhythm Kids Online

Susie Perkins
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Thursday, 4:30 PM
04/15/21 - 06/17/21 (10 weeks)


During each weekly, high-energy class, students have a blast exploring rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world. And the interactive online platform makes it easy for your child to join from your family room.

The Jaguar Rhythm is adapted from the duple-meter drumming patterns of Puerto Rico's Bomba dancing, an interplay where the drummer tries to follow the dancer's movements. We'll get to try it out ourselves with the song "Bailen Niños." We'll sing, dance and drum along to the lively patterns of "Ayiko, Ayiko," a welcome song from Southern Ghana. In "Singing' My Song," we'll sing and move to our own song...and everyone else's! And, perhaps best of all, we'll get to experience the joys of being a "Jaguar in the Jungle." All 22 selections in this collection have been chosen and arranged specifically to support each student's music development.

Upcoming Meetings
04/15/21    4:30 PM Thursday 04/15/21 4:30 PM
04/22/21    4:30 PM Thursday 04/22/21 4:30 PM
04/29/21    4:30 PM Thursday 04/29/21 4:30 PM
05/06/21    4:30 PM Thursday 05/06/21 4:30 PM
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06/17/21    4:30 PM Thursday 06/17/21 4:30 PM