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Music Together® Online is a package of online music experiences and resources that creates a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you're used to with the Music Together program. 


Beginning April 6th, families enrolled for Spring Music Together Online will have access to these experiences:

  • A 10-week session: Featuring a mix of prerecorded videos, interactive virtual classes on Zoom and livestreamed videos on Facebook, hosted by our three registered Music Together teachers. All videos will be archived on the Harmonic Kids website, and available to watch for three weeks after posting. Videos will be available directly on the portal on the Harmonic Kids website, so if you prefer this way of viewing over using a Facebook account, this will be available to all enrolled families.  

  • Maracas Song Collection:The hard copy of the Maracas materials, including the beautifully illustrated songbook, CD, and access code to the "Hello Everybody app" will be mailed to all families enrolled before April 30th, who click the option "with materials" when registering. All others will receive the materials in a digital format, and the cost will be less; please click "digital only" at the time of registration.

  • One interactive virtual class a week on Zoom: We need our musical community more than ever in these times! Zoom is a great way to see the other families, and make new friends :)

  • Our new private Facebook group “Spring Harmonic Kids / Fam Jam”:  We truly hope you’ll join! This will be a moderated group, and access will only be given to people who join us for the spring Maracas online semester. In this private group you'll have access to one 20-25 minute livestreamed class weekly, also available for three weeks for repeat viewing or if you miss the original broadcast. We’ll also post short videos of instrument-making activities for home, "parent education moments", lullabies, and more! Anyone in the group will be able to post and comment, so we’d love to see your videos and pictures too, and hear your music-making stories from home!  All the live Facebook group content will also be available live to all enrolled families on the Harmonic Kids website! Don't worry, we won't make anybody join Facebook if you don't want to. :)

  • Uncle Gerry!: Access to videos from our very own Uncle Gerry, exclusively for enrolled families. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the beloved voices on our Music Together CDs. 

  • Downloadable family resources: (coloring pages, musical games, etc...)

  • The session will run from Monday, April 6 to Saturday, June 19.