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 "Sarah is an amazing teacher and musician. Both of my kids (1yo boy and 4yo girl) go to her class. Throughout the week I catch both kids singing Music Together® songs and experimenting with different harmonic and rhythmic patterns.  The class brings out their natural musical abilities and I couldn't be happier!" - Kyle M.


"I signed up for a music together class in the spring of 2016. My three year old had a hard time sitting still but the teacher had a magical skill of engaging her and by the end Lylia would follow Sarah around.  I saw such a positive change in Lylia's vocal skill and attention span... to this day she sings the songs! We are excited to sign up again this fall!" -Briana L.


"We love Maryse! She is so good with the kids and a beautiful singer in addition!" - ABQ Mom


"I didn't think my kids would benefit much from a music class because they are exposed to so much music at home. My niece began attending music together classes and was literally singing every time I saw her! I enrolled my daughter, not wanting her to miss out on this kind of experience in her young life.  I have been blown away by her ability to memorize the words, rhthyms and melodies to these (often complex) songs! More importantly, I see the joy that comes through when she is singing these songs that are 'hers'."- Sarah


"Astrid (1 year old) loves the classes!" -Liz A.


"My daughter and I love the Music Together class. It's great that we can participate as a family, and to hear her sing the songs in the car and at home is such a joy. She's also begun to make up her own songs which is a wonderful result of what she learns in class. I'm so thankful for Miss Sarah and the Music Together community." -Samantha A.